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explore chinatown los angeles

March 30, 2018
explore chinatown los angeles

Chinatown in Los Angeles is a historic and culturally significant area of downtown Los Angeles. From some of the most authentic Chinese food to traditional arts and crafts, there is much to discover in this iconic area. If you don’t know where to start, read on for your guide on how to explore Chinatown Los Angeles.

The first thing to know is that Chinatown is easily accessible by public transportation. In fact, if you take the Gold Line, there is a Chinatown station stop and this stop will conveniently drop off guests about one black away from the Central Plaza of Chinatown. Additionally, the Metro has a a number of Bike Sharing stations throughout Chinatown, which is not only a great way to explore Chinatown, but you can explore other areas of Downtown on your rented bike as well.

Once you arrive in Chinatown via Metro line or bike, consider stopping by the Chinese American Museum. The museum is actually located in the oldest and last surviving structure of L.A.’s original Chinatown, before the area known as Chinatown was relocated to today's location. The museum shares the story of the Chinese immigrant history to L.A. that began over 150 years ago. Filled with first hand documents and artifacts as well as various exhibits, the museum is an informative and interesting stop to make if you are interested in learning more about the Chinatown.

After you learn more during your time at the museum, immerse yourself in the culture by stopping by the Thien Hau Temple. Dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu, this temple is located right by the Central Plaza in Chinatown. This is first and foremost a place of worship though guests are allowed to visit and take in the beautiful architecture, gardens and serene atmosphere. You’ll find the temple at 750 N. Yale Street.

If you want something to eat other than Chinese food, consider stopping by Howlin’ Ray’s for some of the best fried chicken around. From chicken sandwiches, chicken and waffles to a whole bird, there’s lots to love. They’re also known for their spicy blends. There’s medium spice, hot, x-hot, and Howlin’, which has ghost peppers in it so, you’ve been warned!

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