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Fun Facts About Hollywood

December 21, 2018
fun facts about hollywood

Check out these fun facts about Hollywood and facts about the walk of fame.

  1. Do you know who the first person to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was? It’s actress Joanne Woodward, Academy Award winner for The Three Faces of Eve (1957).
  2. There are five categories you can get a Hollywood Star in: Film, TV, music, radio and live performance. Gene Autry is the only person to be awarded a star for each category, making him the holder of the most stars on the walk of fame.
  3. Hollywood is filled with famous families, do you know which family has the most stars on the walk of fame? The answer is the Barrymores with a total of 6 stars.
  4. Today we think of Hollywood being the place to make movies, but the first movie that was filmed in Hollywood wasn’t until 1910, more than 30 years after the first motion picture was created!
  5. The first Academy Awards took place all the way back in 1929 - many of the movies being celebrated were actually silent films!
  6. Did you know that the iconic Hollywood sign started as an ad for a real estate development project? The sign was put up in 1923 and originally said, ‘Hollywoodland”.
  7. In front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, you’ll find cement slabs featuring hand prints from stars of the Golden age of Hollywood including Judy Garland, Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart.  
  8. H. J. Whitley is known as the Father of Hollywood. He moved to Hollywood in 1900, bought property north of Hollywood Blvd and turned the land into a successful subdivision, which brought more businesses and people to Hollywood.
  9. In 1900, Hollywood was a small town of only 500 people. Most residents were transplants from the Midwest and in 1904 alcohol was banned.

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