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Horror Nights At Universal Studios

September 21, 2017
Horror Nights At Universal Studios

If you’re staying at best western hotel near universal studios hollywood, then a trip to Universal is a must! Stop by the world famous amusement park that is also a fully functioning movie and television studio. During the halloween season, after hours the park also transforms to Universal Horror Nights. Test your bravery as you and your friends venture through terrifying mazes -- just watch out for what’s waiting for your around the corner! Keep reading to find out more about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

At Halloween Horror Nights, once the sun goes down, the park transforms into a place of terror and mystery. This year, there are new terrifying mazes, scare zones, attractions and more. Each of the mazes are themed after various movies or TV shows such as Saw, The Shining, American Horror Story, and Insidious. The Titans of Terror Maze will have you confronting your worst nightmares as you’ll come to face with Freddy Krueger, Leather Face, and Jason.

In addition to the mazes, there are also Scare Zones. Various parts of the amusement park will be themed and new and horrifying monsters will await you. At the Urban Inferno section, you’ll journey through hell as you run into Satanic demons, burnt lost souls, half goat executioners and more. At the Hell-O-Ween section, you’ll be terrorized by witches, vampires, ghosts, werewolves and undead children. Finally, at the Toxic Tunnel area, you’ll run into utility works that accidentally burst a pipe containing toxic gas. All the workers turned into zombie-like subhumanoids! Can you make it out of the area without turning into one of the creatures too? During horror nights, there will also be a few rides that are open to enjoy as well. If you’re looking to be scared this Halloween season, be sure to stop by Universal Horror Nights.

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