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Los Angeles Comedy Clubs

May 18, 2016

The comedy scene in Los Angeles has always been strong but recently, there has been an influx in underground comedy clubs. While there are so many comedy clubs to choose from, here are some to visit where you can be guaranteed a good time.

The Laugh Factory Hollywood is a world renowned destination where the best of the best comedians come to perform. In fact, if you make it onto their stage, you pretty much know you’ve made it as a comedian. Because of this, if you go to a show here, you can almost be guaranteed a hilarious time. If you like seeing new talent, consider attending Open Mic night. Check out their other regularly scheduled events at the website www.laughfactory.com/clubs/hollywood

The Groundlings has seen the likes of Melissa McCarthy and Jim Rash and the spot continues to push out incredibly talented comedians. Known for their character based sketches and improv shows, if all you want to do is sit back and laugh, then head over to the Groundlings on Sunday nights when their rotating company shows take place. Visit www.groundlings.com for pricing information and their full schedule.

Hollywood Improv is another fantastic location that has a fully packed schedule filled with the most talented comedians around. On any given day they will have a great show in store for you. This location also offers the opportunity to make the night into a dinner and a show. You can eat in the dining room where you will be given preferred seats of the stage. Enjoy a full menu, appetizers and a full bar. Visit www.hollywood.improv.com for more information.

Have a laugh and be sure to catch a comedy show if you will be staying at one of the hotels in West Hollywood!

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