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No Vacancy Speakeasy

March 16, 2018
no vacancy

There’s no doubt about it, Los Angeles is experiencing a love affair with speakeasies. There’s nothing quite like exploring an area and finding a secret door or passage that leads to a bar. While there are many different themed speakeasies these days, there’s something special about No Vacancy in Hollywood. Read on to learn more!

Don’t be fooled, just because the bar is located in Hollywood, doesn’t mean you’ll find a bunch of tourists looking for a good time. Instead, you’ll find mostly locals at this bar that’s located among the residential area of Hollywood. While most speakeasies in L.A. that have begun to pop up offer different themes, No Vacancy keeps it classic and simple. It certainly helps that the bar is located in an original Victorian style home that was built in L.A. in 1902. The Victorian style home has been refurbished and maintained many of the staples of the home such as the gas lamps, fireplaces and leaded glass windows. The only major construction to take place was adding the bar on the first floor. Inside, the details of the bar will truly have you feeling like it’s the 1920s and that prohibition is alive and well. The entrance into No Vacancy continues to be one of the best for speakeasies in the area and it certainly worth your time.

Outside in the backyard, you’ll find ample outdoor space, string lights, and cozy leather seats to enjoy the weather. Additionally, there is a small bar located outside as well so you don’t have to keep returning inside to fill up your drink. That’s still not all that this bar offers though. There are also live jazz performances and even burlesque shows that take place in the evenings. For a fun night out, consider going to No Vacancy, located at 1727 N. Hudson Ave in Hollywood.

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