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Quirky Features of Hollywood

October 19, 2018
quirky hollywood attractions

For many, exploring the west hollywood sunset strip is all that they have in mind when it comes to exploring L.A. While the sunset strip does have much to explore, if you’re looking to adventure and see what Hollywood has to offer, check out some of these quirky Hollywood attractions that you probably might not find in your travel guide.

Lost Property Bar

You’ve probably heard of the historic corner, Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. If you’re stopping by to see what Hollywood has to offer, make sure you don’t forget to stop into the Lost Property Bar located at Hollywood and Vine. The cocktail bar specializes in whiskies from around the globe and features fantastic cocktails. Once you enter, don’t forget to head to their corner where you can take a token, leave a treasure. Search through books, knick-knacks, party favors (“one man’s trash” etc). Of course, if you decide to take something with you, be sure to leave something behind for the next person.

Old L.A. Zoo

The Old LA Zoo is quite literally the remains of the L.A. Zoo before it moved to its new location a few decades ago. Located in Griffith Park, it is now a fun area to hike, explore, and even enjoy an outdoor picnic with family and friends. As you explore the old zoo, there are left behind small animal cages, large animal cages and even open areas that once held bears and larger animal exhibits. It’s a fun place to explore for kids of all ages and also provides great hiking opportunities as there are trails all throughout Griffith Park.

The Museum of Death

Looking for something a little different then the usual art and history museum? If so, than the Museum of Death just might be the thing for you. The museum houses the world’s largest collection of mortician and coroner instruments, serial killer artwork, pet death taxidermy, antique funeral ephemera, Manson Family memorabilia, crime scene photographs and much more. Take on this self guided tour and explore the museum of death.

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