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The Summer Special Olympics in Los Angeles!

July 2, 2015
special olympics starting line

Los Angeles is home to a number of great events throughout the summer. Not only that, but the city desires to create a community and draw people together. This summer, Los Angeles is the proud host of the Summer Special Olympics. This event is the second largest athletic event behind the World Olympics and will be the largest sporting event LA has seen since it hosted the World Olympics in the 1980s. The Summer 2015 Special Olympics will take place from July 25th through August 2nd. If you’re staying in a budget-friendly hotel in Hollywood close to the Special Olympics, be a part of this wonderful community and cheer on the athletes during this event.

At the 2015 Summer Special Olympics, there will be 165 nations represented and approximately 6,500 athletes competing in a variety of categories. In order to help with this production, there will be over 30,000 volunteers that will be vital in orchestrating this powerful event. Here are some of the events that will take place during the games: tennis, sailing, kayaking, judo, golf, soccer, cycling, bocce, volleyball, aquatics, softball, triathlon, powerlifting, gymnastics and more. These events will take place throughout various locations in Los Angeles. The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) will play a large role in not only housing athletes and coaches in the dorms, but it will also host a variety of sporting events as well. Long Beach will also help in hosting a number of events. The University of Southern California (USC) will also participate by hosting events such as basketball and aquatics.

The torch run for the 2015 Summer Special Olympics will begin at Sacramento on July 13th at 10am and will end in Los Angeles on July 24th at 7:30pm. There will even be a number of celebrities that will attend the opening celebration. Avril Lavigne, Stevie Wonder, and Cody Simpson will be headlining the ceremony and it is rumored that celebrities such as Michael Phelps, Jimmy Kimmel, Yao Ming, and Eva Longoria will make appearances.

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